Electric Vehicle Incentives

Incentives for electrically-chargeable vehicles are now applied in all western European countries.

Incentives mainly consist of tax reductions and exemptions, as in countries such as Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands, and bonus payments and premiums for the buyers of electric vehicles in Spain and Luxembourg.

The European car industry supports the further introduction of fiscal incentives for fuel efficiency. Tax measures are an important tool in shaping consumer demand towards fuel-efficient cars and help create a market for breakthrough technologies, notably during the introduction phase.  

Innovations generally first enter the market in low volumes and at a significant cost premium, and this needs to be offset by a positive policy framework. Electric mobility will make an important contribution towards ensuring sustainable mobility. However, advanced conventional technologies, engines and fuels will play a predominant role for years to come. Governments must continue to include these CO2-efficient technologies and solutions in their overall sustainable mobility policy approach.

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