ACEA Tax Guide

ACEA’s Tax Guide gives an overview of motor vehicle taxation in 31 European countries as well as other major world markets such as Brazil, China, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States.

The ACEA Tax Guide is compiled with the help of the national associations of motor vehicle manufacturers or importers in these countries and describes in detail the taxes that are levied on the sale, registration, ownership and the use of motor vehicles in each country.

The publication is updated annually and is available on the ACEA webshop.

Highlights of the ACEA Tax Guide are available for free on this page. This includes information on:

  • Taxes on acquisition
  • Taxes on ownership
  • Taxes on motoring
  • Fiscal income from motor vehicles

The full report costs €181,50 (€ 150 + 21% VAT) and can be obtained from ACEA by visiting the ACEA webshop