More than 80 million passenger cars were produced around the world in 2017. This interactive infographic shows the 10 biggest car producing countries, worldwide and in the EU.

Quick facts:

  • With around 17 million passenger cars built in the EU last year, pre-crisis levels from 2007 were exceeded for the first time.
  • The European Union remained the world’s second largest producer of passenger cars, accounting for more than 21% of global car production in 2017
  • US output declined substantially (‐11.5%) last year. Total car production in the United States amounted to 8 million units in 2017, more than one million less than in the preceding year.
  • Chinese production grew only moderately (+4.4%) in 2017, reaching a total of 23.6 million passenger cars. 
  • Nevertheless, China maintained its leading position among global passenger car producers, accounting for 29% of all cars produced around the world last year.

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