ACEA members are global players that support free trade agreements, provided that they achieve a balanced outcome ACEA is following closely the trade negotiations with Japan, launched in the spring of 2013, to ensure that they provide new opportunities for European automobile exports to Japan and jobs in the EU.

ACEA’s key objectives and requests for the EU-Japan free trade negotiations are that :

  • Vehicles manufactured and type-approved in the EU should be accepted in Japan without further testing or modification
  • European small cars should be given the opportunity to compete on equal terms with Japanese kei-cars

The European Commission has undertaken to review 12 months after the start of the FTA negotiations Japan’s implementation of its commitment given in the Scoping Exercise to eliminate Non-Tariff Barriers, in particular in the automotive sector. If that implementation is not fully satisfactory, the Commission may suspend the negotiations.

ACEA regrets that at the half-way mark Japan has made only limited progress. If the Japanese government wishes the negotiations to continue, and eventually to reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion, ACEA hopes that Japan will show greater willingness to meet the EU’s expectations.



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