Auto industry welcomes Parliament vote for stronger safeguards in connection South Korea FTA

Brussels, 07/09/2010 – Auto industry trade association ACEA supports the call for improvements expressed today by the European Parliament in its vote on safeguards regulation in connection to the proposed free trade agreement with South Korea. “This vote is a strong political signal that improvements to this free trade agreement can and must be made”, said Ivan Hodac, ACEA Secretary General.

The European auto industry asks the European Commission and the EU Member States to use all available room to achieve a better deal with South Korea before a final signature is put. Representatives of the EU Member States are expected to discuss next steps in Brussels later this week.

“There is no need to rush things through”, added Hodac. “At the other side of the Atlantic, US officials are equally seeking improvements to the automotive chapter in their FTA with South Korea.” Apart from finalising the safeguards regulation, a number of other important issues must be add