Commission defines framework conditions for deploying clean and energy efficient vehicles

Brussels, 28/04/2010 – The Communication on Clean and Energy Efficient Vehicles, published today by the European Commission in Brussels, identifies the essential framework conditions for a viable transition to sustainable mobility in the European Union.

"We support the Commission in its goal to facilitate a rapid deployment of clean and energy efficient vehicles by embedding the innovative force of the European automobile industry in a smart policy framework and promoting coordination among the 27 Member States.

This is the right approach given the fact that major competing economies, such as the United States, Japan and China, have already taken strategic action in this field", said Ivan Hodac, Secretary General of ACEA.

"The Communication, however, also highlights the complexity of the tasks ahead and the many stakeholders involved. Some actions can be started immediately, such as agreeing on a European plug to recharge a vehicle. Other measures need still further, careful consideration. For