Passenger car registrations: -3.1% over ten months; +4.7% in October

Brussels, 19/11/2013 - In October, the EU car market recorded a 4.7% increase, totaling 1,004,935 units

In October, the EU* car market recorded a 4.7% increase, totaling 1,004,935 units. It was the first time since September 2011 that demand for new cars was up in two consecutive months.

From January to October, new car registrations amounted to 10,006,807 units, or 3.1% less than in the same period last year.

In October, Italy was the only major market to face a downturn (-5.6%). All others contributed positively to the overall 4.7% expansion of the EU* market, with growths ranging from +2.3% in Germany to +2.6% in France, +4.0% in the UK and +34.4% in Spain. The results recorded were however the second lowest level to date** for a month of October.

From January to October, major markets performed diversely. Germany (-5.2%), France (-7.4%) and Italy (-8.0%) saw their demand for new cars decline, while Spain (+1.1%) and the UK (+10.2%) registered more vehicles than in the first ten months of last year. Overall, the EU* counted 10,006,807 new vehicles, or 3.1% less than in January-October 2012. * EU27, data for Malta unavailable ** since ACEA recorded new registrations in the EU27 in 2003