The Environmental Contribution of the Commercial Vehicles Industry

The European commercial vehicle industry is proud of its reputation for delivering the highest quality, most technologically advanced vehicles in the world

  • The importance of road transport for the global economy requires all players to use limited resources responsibly and protect the environment
  • The commercial industry has a positive story to tell based on an on-going commitment to act
  • Advanced technologies and the increased efficiency of vehicle engines have been key to help reduce the pressure on the environment

The industry is an indispensable actor in achieving EU sustainability objectives in transport

  • The sector is producing vehicles that make a difference
  • Progress in delivering solutions will continue.
  • The automotive sector invests more than any other in research and development, with €20 billion spent annually on R&D.

The commercial vehicle industry wants to continue driving sustainability forward

  • Together with others in the transport business, with governments and with other industries.

It is fundamental that the many solutions brought to market by the commercial vehicle industry are urgently put to use

last updated 01/09/2009