Position Paper: Brexit (2017)

Over the last decades, ACEA's members have developed their business operations in the EU based on the arrangements of the European Single Market. Today, the EU and UK automotive industries are closely integrated, from the economic, regulatory and technical points of view.

Note: this position paper has been replaced by a new version on 19 March 2018, please click here to learn more about ACEA's current position.

Any changes to this deep integration between the EU and the United Kingdom would most certainly have an adverse impact on automobile manufacturers with operations in the EU and/or the UK, as well as on the European economy in general.

ACEA takes note of the results of the June 2016 referendum, during which British citizens expressed their intention to leave the EU. The concrete implications of Brexit for Europe’s automobile manufacturers remain difficult to assess, as they depend on the outcome of future negotiations between the EU27 and the United Kingdom.

Given the current state of uncertainty, ACEA would like to highlight its main concerns about possible changes to current relations between the parties. In this paper, we focus on three priority areas:

  • Access to each other’s markets;
  • The EU-UK regulatory framework;
  • UK access to third-country markets.