Fact sheet: Buses

Buses are the most widely-used form of public transport in the EU, serving cities as well as suburban and rural areas. They are also the most cost-efficient and flexible form of public transport, requiring minimal investments to launch new lines or routes.

  • 8.0% of passenger transport on land in the EU is made by buses and coaches. This represents 525.5 billion passenger-kilometres per year.
  • In the EU, 55.7% of all public transport journeys (or 32.1 billion passenger journeys per year) are made by urban and sub-urban buses. 
  • There are 892,861 buses in circulation on Europe’s roads today.
  • In 2016, 40,380 new buses and coaches were registered throughout the EU.
  • 18,915 European buses were exported in 2016, worth €1.05 billion

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