Position Paper: The European Commission’s Action Plan on Alternative Fuels Infrastructure

The European Commission presented its Clean Mobility Package on 8 November 2017. Besides a number of legislative and non-legislative initiatives, the Commission also launched an Action Plan on Alternative Fuels Infrastructure as well as investment solutions for the trans-European deployment of alternative-fuel infrastructure.

The aim of these proposals is to increase the ambition level of national alternative-fuel plans and investments in the 28 member states, as well as improving consumer acceptance of alternatively-powered vehicles.

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) takes note of the fact that the Commission is making an explicit link between the deployment of alternative-fuel infrastructure and attaining the 2030 CO2 targets for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. This also means that the European Commission recognises the importance of infrastructure deployment for alternative fuels in reaching any CO2 target beyond 2020, with consumer acceptance heavily depending on the availability of such refuelling and recharging infrastructure.

This position paper provides ACEA's perspective on the Commission's Action Plan.