Interactive map: Automobile assembly and engine production plants in Europe

ACEA regularly updates this interactive map of automobile assembly and production plants. Today, 229 plants operate across the European Union, producing passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, buses and engines.

Key observations

  • There are 309 automobile assembly and production plants in Europe*.
  • 137 of these plants produce passenger cars, 37 produce light commercial vehicles, 59 produce heavy-duty vehicles, 47 produce buses, and 72 produce engines.
  • ACEA members build cars, vans, trucks, buses and engines in 21 countries in Europe.


  • * Europe includes the 28 EU member states plus a number of neighbouring countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and Uzbekistan).
  • Automotive suppliers as well as some of the many smaller-sized vehicle and engine manufacturers are not included in this overview for reasons of complexity.
  • This map does include most members' engine production sites, but omits transmission, body shell and any other vehicle parts plants.
  • ACEA has striven to be as accurate as possible but does not accept any responsibility pertaining to any potential errors or inaccuracies. However, ACEA welcomes all input to help further complete and update this overview.